Monday, August 23, 2010

She Got A Ride Home From The Bar

Last night my wife got a ride home from the bar by her favorite BBC stud. He fucked her for 2 hours in front of me, and even took her ass, before filling her pussy full of cum. If enough people are interested in hearing more about it, I will fill in all the details and even some pictures that I took.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wifey is at it again...

I just received a test from my wife a few minutes ago, and was I shocked. She was going out to the bar to meet up with one of her girlfriends to have a few drinks. The text I received is that she is on the dance floor in a crowded bar, and that she had a BBC in her mouth. She proceeded to tell me that she was sure people saw, but no one said anything. Damn is she a naughty slut for BBC.

As I am typing this she sent another text, she is thinking about going out to the parking lot to fuck him. I will fill you in soon.

I started receiving picture texts of her sucking his cock in the parking lot at the bar. The looks of her sexy red lips wrapped around his thick black cock are amazing. All I can do is stroke my cock waiting.

Just received another text, she is coming home with a pussy full of cum.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Her BBC Lover III

I am back to finish the story of my beautiful bride's first fuck with a black man. This is just the beginning, because as you will read in the next few paragraphs, my wife fell in love with the naughtiness, and size of black cock.

My wife braced herself against me as her new friend with the largest cock she has ever had pushed deep inside of her pussy. She was feeling depths of her pussy being pleasured that she never has had touched before. The look on her face was beautiful, the look of pleasure, of excitement and of carnal lust. Her large breast were swaying inches from my chest as I held her, she needed all the support she could get to keep from just falling into the bed from enjoyment. He was fucking her deep and was obviously loving my wife's pussy, as he commanded her to tell me how his cock felt inside of her pussy. My not so innocent wife proceeded to tell me how huge his cock was, how hot it felt to have her pussy fucked that deep, and that my cock could never fuck her the same way. Her words made my cock grow even harder, hoping to increase in size, but knowing it would never match up. I knew from that point on that my wife would need a black lover on a regular basis to satisfy her sweet little pussy's need to be filled.

I told them it was time to switch things up a bit, because I needed a view of his black cock driving into my wife's creamy white pussy. As I backed away from the bed my wife positioned herself on her hands and knees at the end of the bed. She put her shoulders down and stuck her ass high into the air, offering her needy pussy once again to her black lover. I watched over his shoulder as he stepped forward to position himself between my wife's legs. The shaft of his cock was thick, and the head of his cock was very pronounced like a mushroom on a thick stem. I watched as he teased her waiting hole with the head of his cock, certain it was as much for my enjoyment as it was hers. The contrast of his dark skin and her cream white ass was intoxicating, I could do nothing by stroke my cock as he pushed his cock inside my wife's waiting pussy. His black hands were firmly holding onto my wife's hips as he pushed his cock balls deep into her excited little pussy. I watched intently as her pussy held onto his cock snuggly, it was obvious that he was stretching her very nicely, because every time he pulled back, her pussy just wasn't wanting to let go. He would pull almost all the way out, so that you could see the ridge from his cock head popping out of her pussy, before he shoved it back in. I had to fight the urge to dive right between her sexy ass cheeks to lick all over her evaded pussy.

In an attempt to regain my composure I moved to the side of the bed so that I had the side angle view of them fucking in doggy style. His hips were bucking back and forth driving his cock deep into my beautiful bride, as she kept pushing her ass firmly backwards to take all of his cock, damn was she being greedy. In less than 2 minutes my wife was cumming and squirting all of his chocolate pole. Her body tensed, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her breathing stopped, she groaned, pushed back and then as she screamed her pussy squirted flooding his cock and our bed with her love juices. This only egged him on more, he took a firmer grip of my wife's hips and fucked her more forecfully now, her whole body shook with each thrust. He kept asking her how much she loved his cock, and each time she tried to speak he drove his cock in harder, deeper and faster, causing the second and third wave of orgasms to hit. My wife was in a frenzy now, her body totally belonged to him at this point and she was out of control. It was as if he had a on and off switch to my wife's pussy and her orgasms, and everytime she thought she was coming back down, he hit the switch again. I have never seen my wife in such lust, it was the hottest fucking thing I have ever witnessed. She looked me dead in the eyes and told me she loves me, but that she needs his cock to pleasure her pussy on a regular basis. No sooner did she get those words out of her mouth, as a load grunt filled the room, she was squirting all over his cock again, before she collapsed onto the bed.

He gave her all of a minute to calm back down before he positioned himself over top of her in missionary position. It was plain to see my wife wanted more of his cock because her legs spread wide allowing him access to her sweet pussy for more fucking. In one quick swoop her new stud had his cock sank deep inside of her once again as his mouth wrapped around her right nipple sucking it into his mouth. I watched as she bit her bottom lip, letting out a purring noise as he rocked his hips back and forth while working over her nipple. Her body tensed, her face became flushed, her hips gyrated in time with his, as she screamed out cumming all over our sheets again. As she was coming down from another earth shattering orgasm he slowly kissed her neck, and backed away to look deep into her eyes. She returned his gaze and I could see the total lust, and desire in her eyes. I could tell she wanted to kiss him, and apparently he could as well, because just then he leaned down and they kissed each other long and hard. She guided his cock back inside her pussy, as she wrapped her legs around his back locking him in. Her finger nails dug into his back as she bucked wildly against his cock, begging him to fuck her white pussy harder. He drove harder into my wife, the bed frame was getting quite the work out has he was driving her ass half way through the mattress. I cheered them on as they bantered back and forth about his big black cock, and her sexy white pussy. She buried her face into his shoulder as she had another violent orgasm, squirting all over his cock and her own stomach.

What happened next blew my mind, my wife lifted her legs into the air, offering up her sweet pussy once again. My wife had turned into a fucking machine for this huge black cock, not being able to get enough. I am not sure if it was that she was so turned on, that she couldn't stop, or if she was afraid she would never get a black cock again, so she was going to take full advantage of it now. Either way, my wife's pussy was getting the shit fucked out of it from his dick.

Her nipples were sticking straight up from excitement, her face had a look of total pleasure as he grabbed her ankels to hold them high into the air. He guided his cock back inside of her waiting pussy as the continued their marathon fuck session. My eyes made contact with my wife as she gave me smile, that was half utopia and half shit eating grin. I fell in love with my wife on a whole other level that day, as she fucked this black man in our bed. Seeing her totally pleasured and full of lust, made my cock ready to explode. I would get a great view of his thick black cock sliding in and out of her pussy as he would open her legs up while pumping his cock in and out. Her legs were like 45 degree angles off of the bed, watching her whimper from the delight of her new fuck toy. His cock was covered in my wife's pussy juice, every time he pulled out his cock would shine from her well lubricated pussy walls. His pace quickened, her nipples stuck straight out again, she bit down onto her bottom lip, her nails dug into his thigh, she was on the verge of cumming again. Just as my wife was about to cum, he pulled his large cock out of her wanting pussy and started to smack it against the out side of her pussy lips. You could hear the sound of his huge member smacking the moist lips of her pussy, she screamed out as she squirted onto his cock, chest and all over the bed. He kept pounding his meat against her well used pussy lips as she kept gushing, her pussy juice was splattering all 3 of our bodies, as nearly came in my pants as I licked her juice off of my forearm.

My wife proclaimed the need for his black cum to be shot deep inside of her white little pussy as she rolled back over onto her hands and knees. She put her face down and ass up offering her tireless pussy once again to her black stud. As her moved between her thighs she looked over her left shoulder telling him that she wanted his cum shot deep up inside of her. His black hands once again took a hold of her creamy white thighs as he guided his cock deep inside my wife. She buried her face into the pillow as he pumped faster and faster inside of her pussy. The pillow failed to muffle her groans, and soon the room was being filled with the sounds of his grunts. His balls that were swinging back and forth slamming against my wife's clit had now tightened against his body. I knew this was a sure sign of what was to happen, his pounding stopped, he let out a load moan, he was filling my wife with his thick black cum. His movements turned more into a circular grinding motion as he made sure every once of his cum was being spilled deep into my wife's hungry pussy. He kept her pussy pulled tight against his cock for a moment relishing in his adventure with my sexy wife. My wife laid there pressed against his cock letting out a long sexy "mmmmmmmmm", they both got what they wanted. He pulled his cock from my wife and I watched as his thick creamy cum started to drip, then pour out of her freshly fucked pussy. His cum was running down her inner thighs giving me a wonderful sight. I could tell that her pussy lips were stretched open very nicely, her pussy was a wreck from all of the cum pouring out of it. I got what I wanted to, a perfect view of my wifes freshly fucked pussy that was full of cum as she rolled onto her back, and told me to clean her up.

I hope you all enjoyed the details of our evening, we look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to adding more of our stories.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Her BBC Lover II

I wanted to take a few minutes now to give the details of her BBC Lover fucking her sweet little white pussy last night. She was very nervous and excited in the moments leading up to their meeting. She knew his cock was large already from the encouter they had in the back of our car a few months back, where she stroked and sucked on his cock behind the bar. Ever since that night she has longed to have his cock again, but what she wanted this time was for his big cock to be buried deep inside her waiting pussy.

She took a nice long hot shower, washing her body and shaving her pussy smooth for him, while I finished cleaning our bedroom awaiting his visit. When he first got her they chatted for just a minute before their hands started touching each other. His hand moved quickly to squeeze her large white breasts, while she made no hesitation reaching for his cock and stroking him through his sweat pants. He didn't wait long before standing up in front of her, she glanced over at me and pulled his pants and underwear down in one firm tug. His cock sprang forward looking huge and creating a smile on her face. She gasped as she moved forward licking and sucking on the head and shaft of his cock. She tried to wrap her hand around his width and take his huge head into her mouth. She wasn't used to his size, but it took her only a brief second to figure out how to get his huge cock down her throat. As she licked and sucked all over his cock, my cock grew harder and harder. After a few minutes of sucking his cock in the middle of our living room, she told him she wanted to take the party upstairs. She grabbed his hand and guided him up the stairs and into our bedroom. Once in the bedroom she spun around and started kissing her Black Lover as his hands roamed her body, squeezing her ass and large tits. She melted into his touch and kisses, her face became flushed and you could see the lust in her eyes. He spun her around and started kissing the back of her neck as he had her facing me. His hands roaming all over my wife's milky white skin, squeezing and tugging at her breasts and nipples. He spun her again as she dropped to the floor between his legs and once again started sucking his cock. Making loud slurping noises as she greedily sucked on his large black tool. He pulled her back up to her feet as her wrapped his lips around her exicted nipple, sucking as if he was trying to produce milk, her body buckled from the sensation. He caught her in his arms and moved behind her again to finger her pussy from behind as he displayed her body to me again, as he massaged her large breasts. His fingers had her on the version of cumming so he pushed her forward to bend her over the bed, as he positioned himself between my wifes exposed pussy lips and pushed the head of his cock inside of her from behind. Her eyes widened, she sucked in air and groaned a bit as she felt his cock stretching her formerly tight white pussy. She looked me dead in the eyes, and I knew she was in heaven. He took a couple of slow strokes before pushing the rest of the way in and officially stuffing my wife's pussy. She was loving it.

I will post the rest of her story very soon. I hope you are all enjoying this... comments and Fans are welcomed and appreciated.

Her BBC Lover

Last night my wife had her pussy stretched open by a very thick black cock, and she loved it. I will provide more details tonight, but let's just say it was very hot to watch. The look of lust and addiction in her eyes as he stretched her pussy out was amazing. The number of times she squirted, well I lost count. I will post a couple of pics from their fun, and be back on in the next day to give the full details.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Here is what my wife is giving him tonight

What do you think of my wife's large breasts and beautiful shaved pussy... this is what she is giving her boyfriend tonight... comments please

Friday is here and she is about to have fun...

Friday is finally here and my wife is going to be fucking her boyfriend soon. The plans have changed a bit. He is going out for a few drinks, then coming over to our house to fuck my wife in our bed, as I wait in the living room for him to pump her full of cum. It has been hot reading the text messages back and forth between them over the last two days of what they are going to do to each other. She is wanting to suck his cock and take his cock deep inside of her tight little pussy that she is shaven for him right now. He is wanting to pump a huge load of cum deep inside of her pussy, that I will spend the next few days eating out of her. It's a win win situation for us all. More details to come soon.